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An Idea of African students in India


Our story starts at TAJ PALACE Hotel, New Delhi. Where the Afro-India Business Partnership conference was organized from 29 to 31 March 2011. Most of the African governments were trying to improve their business connection with Indian companies.


Since most of the Indian business owner was facing some difficulties to invest in Africa. In this Meeting, Michel Kabongo And Roc Dimi attended representing  African students in India. From there Michel Kabongo and Roc Dimi were requested to establish a connection between African businessmen and the Asians investors, to allow Asian investors to find African local distributors or buyers. This responsibility was not easy since most of the African businesses are not computerized; we tried to contact African potential partners but only a few were computerized, so as African students in IT we have decided to automatize the rest of African firms



That where the word GLAAIF was used for the first time, the full name of GLAAIF is Grace Logistic and African Areas Investments Facilities. GLAAIF got the responsibility to computerized African small business and support/update African big companies with new technologies to facilitate Asian investments in Africa.




Founder: Mr. Michel Kabongo; master in sciences information technology from Shobhi University (India)


Oracle SQL/PLSQL Certified Expert from Oracle University and Microsoft systems and network administrator recognized as Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP)



What Do I do For Glaaif ?

Am in charge of the technical operations management globally. With my team and in close collaboration with external providers, I make sure that expectations are met in terms of products availability, performance, reliability, scalability and security.



 Co-founder : Mr. Roc Dimi Ibara;  graduated in Business Administration.

General manager for Great Lake


What do I do for Glaaif?

African great Lakes region is our fastest growing region and represents a commanding share of the business activity in the world.


As General Manager for African great Lakes region, I am responsible for all of our activity in this region. I work to map our capabilities to the market activity and strategic growth areas and define where we will commit long-term to grow the value of our company.

Market Summary

We provide a “Full Outsource “ service to businesses that do not want to employ or manage their own IT support team. We also offer “Co-Sourcing” services to businesses that have their own internal IT team but wish to free them up to focus on other strategic objectives of the business.

Glaaif’s Competition Advantage

We offer remote IT support, we have qualified staff, we offer On / Off-site Support, we supply & support all major brands, we partner with you to solve your needs, our solutions can save you cost

Benefits Of Using Glaaif

IT has become the heart of business strategy and data hence Glaaif has made it its mission to help each of our clients to build a competitive advantage through the use of IT through the following services: Glaaif is a perfect platform for your company to create ; harvest ; store and analyze relevant information to ensure all-time availability and functionality of the business. Server maintenance or upgrade and cloud services can now be used by your company as a Unique Selling Preposition (USP) transferring value to your own clients through cost-saving . We are able to assist you to improve your company’s internal processes by migrating from workgroup to Active Directory Domain

Meet our  Team






Gift Thuli

Managing Director

What I try to do is provide an environment where creative, passionate, smart, considerate people can do things that they can be proudest of. Things that make a difference and that can change the lives of their activities in ways that matter to them.